School Community Council

School Community Council meeting: 09/17/2019 6:00pm

By School Community Council

Kristopher Packer
Lorrie Crandall
Kathy Carter
Vanessa Rubio
Rachel Shaw
Ashley Bourque
Rachel Shaw
Marianne Beckstead

School improvement plan: Polaris HS will increase the graduation rate of the 2018/19 school year by 10%

We could take Polaris(Orem) baseline and go off of that for our graduation rate this school year. We are trying to make Polaris a place where students feel they are important and can succeed. We are working on having an engaging environment so that the students want to be here and that will hopefully change the rate of graduation.

Have more advocates to be able to help and encourage students to succeed and get the help they need for being successful in their class. Will go over different things to see what we can do to help encourage kids to graduate.

Kathy brought up career pathways to help the students be able to graduate with something more. It will help gear them for workplace and internships, etc. We would love to see if we are able to work a negotiation with some companies like Young Living so that if the kids graduate they could get an entry level job so that it will help them start creating a resume. It will hopefully encourage students to want to graduate as they will see that when they graduate they will have a job. Gives the feeling of success.

If you have ideas or feedback please feel free to reach out and email or call us. We are open and love to hear back.

Next Meeting: November 12th, 2019

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