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Financial Aid Resources

There are many options available to students to help them pay for college. The following resources will help students gain an understanding of what will work for them.


Grants, work-study, low-interest loans and possible scholarships can help make college affordable. For more detailed information about each of these options please click here.

What is Financial Aid?

Financial Aid is any grant or scholarship, loan, or paid employment (work study) offered to help a student meet his/her college expenses. Such aid is usually provided by various sources such as federal and state agencies, colleges, high schools, foundations, and corporations. The amount of financial aid that a student receives is determined through federal, state and institutional guidelines. Grants include aid the student receives that need not be repaid; loans must be repaid and the interest rates and repayment terms vary by program. 


PictureFAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Click on FAFSA logo to the left to access 

website) is the application that allows a student to apply for federal grants, loans, and work-study programs.  All Utah colleges and universities accept the FAFSA to apply for federal financial aid.   

Registration by all 18-year-old males with Selective Service is required by law. In order for any male student to receive financial aid from the U.S. Government he must be registered with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday.   Important NoteParents and students should be careful of sites that use FAFSA in their URL.  The FAFSA application is free. If the site you go to attempts to chargeyou for the application, you are not at the government’s official site.  To be sure you are at the official site, use the links shown above.  And, don’t forget your PIN!  Both parent and student need separate PINs so that they can electronically sign and access information about their FAFSA application.

StepUp Utah has several resources, including community events where students and parents can get information on planning, saving for, and paying for higher education.  Click on the link below for a complete guide to paying for college:





Tuition Funding Sources is a private website designed to help students find scholarships, college and career information. TFS offers students the largest scholarship database in the world with over $41 Billion in scholarship awards along with a career personality test and detailed college and career information.

The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) was established by the Utah State Legislature in 1996 as a nonprofit, tax-advantaged college savings program to help parents, grandparents, and other interested parties save for loved ones’ future college expenses.