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Credit Recovery

If you need to earn additional credit (besides your classes at Polaris) the following resources are available. Click on icons to be taken to the websites for more info.
If you plan on completing credit using one of the other resources (besides East Shore online or Alpine extended school year) make sure to inform your counselor.


East Shore Online High School
0.125 credit units are completed online
Testing is available at Polaris in the Digital Curriculum classroom (room 103)

Fee: Free – Curriculum is paid for by Polaris Administration.

For more information on 2019 Graduation Deadlines (PE packet enrollment & packet submission and testing) click on the following links:

The last day to submit (or resubmit) assignments is by 5:00 PM on Thursday, May 23rd.  The last day to test on a packet is by 3:45 PM on Friday, May 24th.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS! 


Extended School Year 2019         (Alpine District Summer School)

Students are required to attend all 15 days of each summer school class.  Students that know they will be absent on any of the summer school days should not register for that session..

To register, students should first meet with their school counselor to determine which classes to register for. Next, pay the financial office $ 25.00 for each .25 credit class period. Lastly, take the receipt to the counseling office to complete the registration process.


BYU Independent Study (High School Students)
Credit varies and the lessons are through the mail or on-line.
Fee: $ 136.00 per .50 credit for most courses plus books if needed.

For graduation, students are responsible to get their official transcript (from BYU) to the registrar by May 15th.


Northridge Learning Center

0.25 credit units are available by completing packets 

Fee: $50 for each 0.25 credit

42 West 300 North
Orem, UT 84057
Phone Number: 801-776-4532
Hours:  Monday – Thursday from 1 PM to 6 PM

For graduation, students are responsible to get their official transcript (from Northridge) to the registrar by May 15th.