Dear Titan Parents,

By November 20, 2019Announcements
Just want to encourage some parental support and help on an ongoing situation at our school.  For the last two months or so we have had some vandalism and disruptive behavior in both the boys and girls restrooms.  This has ranged from inappropriate words written on walls and stalls, toilet paper/paper towel waste, garbage in toilets, insubordination, illegal vaping, and loitering.  The issues began when we removed the outer door in the restrooms (similar to most public and school restrooms) because of a problem with students hanging out and vaping.  Because of these issues we have been calling home and issuing school discipline and citations.  We are hoping that you can encourage your student to only use the bathroom as needed and not actively hang out during class time or breaks between classes.  We have had many students frustrated trying to use the bathroom during these times and not wanting to go in because of the crowds and disruptive behavior.  If you could visit with your student regarding appropriate bathroom use and the importance of getting to class on time.  Thanks for your help in this matter.
Here is some additional information:
1) Nov 20th marks the beginning of 4th Mini Term.  Encourage the importance of good attendance and passing all classes.
2) Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 27-29 (no school).  If your student is working on packets, this is a great time to do some extra work on them at home.
3) Lunch time activities: music, sitcoms and crafts in commons, gaming and coloring in the media center, skateboarding and basketball outside (until weather permits), soon to have basketball in the gym (as the weather gets colder), and guitar playing in Jonathan’s room.
4) We have two new vendors for lunch.  A special thanks to Arby’s and KFC.  Please check your student’s lunch account for money and add if needed.
5) Our G.O.A.T awards go to: Cassidy T and Dakota P.  So proud of them!!!!
We LOVE our Titan Parents!!!!!
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