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Titan Parents and Students,
We hope you are all safe and healthy!!  Please refer to our Instagram (phs_west_titans) regularly for fun news from our school.

Additional Information and Support:

School/Office Hours
The District will be closing all schools to the public beginning Monday, Mar 30th.  School office hours will still be 8 AM – Noon.  We will be staggering staff and having a limited number of staff in the building in order to comply with State Guidelines.  Please contact our front office at 801-610-8182 to request anything from inside the school and we will deliver them to you at the curb.  We currently have paper packets for all English and Math teachers that can be picked up at the curb between 8am-noon… just give us a call!  Any meals you have been receiving from your neighborhood school will still be available at the usual times with the drive through grab-and-go that they have set up.

After hearing about all the confusion for both students AND teachers, we have decided to streamline our practices as a school and recommend some uniform strategies for working with our students beginning next week.  We reached out to a few teachers to discuss our ideas and below is an outline of what we are planning. We are hoping this will help keep our students from getting overwhelmed with the amount of emails and work they are receiving, and hopefully get more students completing work and making progress.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We are all learning and figuring stuff out as we go. The less frustration, the better for everyone!! We will likely continue to make adjustments as we learn.

1) Every MONDAY, teachers will send out one email to each of their classes with information (or a link to their platform) that gives the students no more than ONE hour’s worth of learning experiences for the WEEK.  That would be 10 hours of total work for each student per week! (An exception would be Foods, because it is a 2-period class.) This way the students would know what is expected for the entire week, and they will have to manage how they complete the work during the week.  This would also alleviate the many emails students are receiving daily.

The deadline for the week’s worth of work is Sunday night at midnight, which is before receiving the next week’s worth of work on Monday.  

2) We have asked that every teacher utilize a PASS/FAIL grading system.  This would take a lot of pressure off the students and the teachers. A “pass” for the class means the student has earned credit for that class.

3) We have asked that each ADVISORY teacher email his/her students each Monday with a shared google form that merely asks students to check in one time during the week.  We do not think it is too much to ask for the students to check in with their teachers once a week to pass advisory. We are just trying to make advisory more uniform for the students, teachers, and advocates!

4) Students will have ONE WEEK to turn in late work.  One week should give those with accommodations, or those that get sick, enough time to turn it in.  One week helps advocates know when all assignments should be in and which assignments students may still complete and turn in.


Reasons for slow computers:

  • Multiple tabs open in Chrome – only have essential tabs open
  • Out of date filter – shut down the Chromebook every night. When you turn it on if there is an update to the filter it will automatically push out to the Chromebook.
  • Many devices in the home streaming internet content – other devices using the internet in the household should be limited while the student is working online. Streaming services take a lot of bandwidth and can be hogging your internet speeds.

Where to go for Chromebook help:

General Care: 

  • Please Note: as per agreement,  Parents will be responsible for loss, damage and theft
  • Do not remove any stickers from the device. 
  • Clean the screen with a soft, water damp cloth, only.  Keyboards can be cleaned with a damp, alcohol based /disinfectant cloth followed by a dry cloth. 
  • Take care when plugging in accessories  such as earphones as not to damage the ports.  
  • Use two hands and close the screen to transport. 
  • No food or drink is best practice to avoid spills and sticky keys
  • Supervision is required.  Filtering via the iBoss extension is imperfect and supervision of your student’s use of the Chromebook is of utmost importance for child safety. 



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